President of Programming Production and Promotion at WAPA TV. A division of HEMISPHERE TV.

I am a highly esteemed and resourceful television executive with over 25 years of entertainment industry experience. Working with results generating management acumen, producing successful TV shows, and developing strategic programming campaigns increasing ratings, audience shares, and channel revenues.

Since Nov. 2007, I have lived and worked in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today my accomplishments as President of Programming, Production, and Promotion at WAPA TV are better than I could imagine:

  • Positioned WAPA from the 3rd place to No. 1 TV station in the first 6 months.
  • Increased EV/EBITDA 5 times because of our decisions in programming.
  • Net revenue increased more than twice.
  • Billing growth more than 50%.

With regard to my strengths, I would mention that I am a passionate, assertive, and hands-on leader with fiscal and budget management accountability. Additionally, I have an intuitive talent for analyzing, evaluating, and designing strategic programming grids and the skills to identify, recruit, and inspire people to achieve goals and increase profitability. I love teamwork and always try to get the best of each professional for the benefit of themselves, the company, and the entire industry.

In that way, my expertise goes through the different TV areas from Administration to Programming, passing through Production and especially in News and Politics. It includes On-Air Promos, Negotiating/Acquisitions, Strategizing, and Budgeting/Forecasting & Research/Intelligence Gathering.

And something else… if you want to know what could make me feel as the happiest person on Earth let me tell you about my wife and the smile of our two kids.